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About Us

"We deliver quality online instruction using diverse learning methods."

After spending many years in the classroom teaching across grade levels and in different countries, Master Teacher Kimberlee Tankard left the traditional classroom for a new challenge. Mrs. Tankard has built her educational philosophy on her conviction that all children can learn and deserve a fun, welcoming, and engaging environment in which to do so. On this premise, BrainHub Learning Centre was founded. 


At BrainHub, we use diverse, captivating learning methods to inspire and build learner confidence. We serve learners of all ages, primarily school-age learners, in various subject areas through individualized1-on-1 programs and dynamic group instruction.


We are committed to the safe and seamless delivery of educational services for our students.  Our fully online model is designed to promote our students' continuous academic development, utilizing distance learning technology and virtual classrooms.