3 Ways to Help Your Child Get Off To A Great Start This School Year

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

The new school year is usually talked about as a happy time full of excitement and new adventures. For some children (and parents too) this is far from their personal reality. There can be so much to prepare for, many new routines, and some unfamiliar spaces to get used to. Look, after the year we’ve had thus far we need to avoid any unnecessary stress on parent and child.

Here are just a few tips that will go a long way to making a smooth transition into the new school year:

1. Purchase a planner/agenda or find one online and show them how to use it effectively! Kids have so much to keep track off as they progress through the school year. Things will surely be different this year and getting organized out the gate will be a huge win for parent, teacher, and child.

2. Help your child create routines for completing homework, practicing an instrument, preparing for the next day, etc. Checklists and setting specific times for daily tasks will get everyone back into the swing of things. Tomorrow can only go as well as today’s planning.

3. Create a dedicated work space for your child to personalize and use when doing homework, studying, or any leisurely reading. A calming space filled with all the tools necessary for getting work done will put them in the right headspace each time. The psychological effect of entering that space will help them attain better performance no matter the task.

Implement these few tips and reduce the burden of this transition on the whole family!

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